20-22 September 2017
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

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Exhibitor List - Korea Expo 2017, New Delhi -
Agricultural Equipment, Fertilizers /Insecticides

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1. Doosan Ecobiznet Co., Ltd
Pang-I Killer, Pest Control, Crop Disease Management, Downy Mil Control, Withering Control, Promoting The Growth And Production Of Crops, No Residue, Organic Fertilizer, Self-Cultivation System, Effective Microorganisms, Em, Psb, Lab, Yeast, Microbial-Fertilizer, Feed-Additives, Probiotics, Water Purifier, Odor Removal By Eco-Friendly, Self Microorganisms Cultivation, Fermenter, Em, Self-Cell Cultivation www.ecobiznet.com
2. Saturn Bio Tech Corp.
The Product Contains More Than 25% Water Soluble Silicic Acid To Make Improvements For The Body Of Plant., High Density Water Soluble Silicic Acid Is Included Which Allows Greater Efficiency With Less Use. www.sabit.co.kr
3. A-Sung Precision Industry
Small Potable Fogging Machine Super 2000-Gold Easy And Powerful Smoke Insect Killer Of A-Sung www.aspi.co.kr
4. Algae M Tech Co.,Ltd. Natural Cleaner Provides Cleaning, Disinfection And Deodorization With Strong Alkaline Cleaning Agent With A Ph Level 12.5 ---

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